The One Wrong Step You May be Taking Every Day

Weight loss, Health and Happiness is NOT a numbers game.
You wake up feeling well. You are comfortable in your body, feel like you’ve been making progress toward your goals. You are confident and happy.Then you take one wrong step…onto the scale. You look down and as that number appears and all of those feelings are gone in an instant. I am willing to bet that no matter what number appeared you would not be satisfied and think you could have tried harder, done something more.
Your value is not measured by the number on the scale. What does the scale measure anyway? It does NOT measure your stress level, your sleep quality, your nutrition patterns, the way your body shape has changed, your HAPPINESS and the way you feel in your body. Read more on how you can avoid taking this one wrong step that may be robbing you of success. Continue reading

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May Day! May Day!May Fitness Calendar.

Nice armsSculpt those arms and abs by summer with this FREE May fitness calendar!

You can get the calendar HERE

Check out the YouTube video for the exercises:

Live Well.

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If you don’t like Eating Chemicals and Bugs check out Frugal Fruit and Veggie Washes

diy washI encourage you to support your local farmers but regardless of where you purchase your produce, it is important to know that washing them off with water doesn’t wash away all of the chemicals and pesticides left on the skin. Mix together a few things you likely already have in your kitchen for an effective and frugal fruit and veggie wash. Continue reading

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Beet It!

Your local farm stand has a very powerful vegetable that you may be a little intimidated to try. I hope this inspires you to grab a bunch this weekend and give your body a healthy boost! Continue reading

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Holy Broccomole!

Broccoli is full of nutritional benefits but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Maybe these recipes will please your taste buds.broccomole Continue reading

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Zoodles, Swoodles, Rutaboodles…Oh My!

Looking to cut back on pasta without cutting back on pasta? You just bought a Veggetti, didn’t you? Continue reading

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Sitting is the new Smoking… A MUST WATCH VIDEO if you have ANY BACK PAIN

Back-PainYour back hurts and you just blow it off to getting older. Well not so, my friend. How you sit, how you move throughout your day is very harmful to your body but there are things you can do to prevent and correct this.  Continue reading

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