The Big Event

Just a quick note to tell you that if you’ve got a big event coming up this summer you best start working on reaching your fitness goals now.

Many people think if they are getting married in June and they start working out in May they will magically reach their fitness goals in 4 or 5 weeks. Give yourself a realistic amount of time to get there. Why add one more thing to stress about in those final countdown weeks? 

People often say I’m going on vacation so I’ve got 2 weeks to get in shape. Good luck with that. If you think it will only take 2 weeks to undo all the damage you’ve done in the past how many months, years, etc. – the sugar has effected your brain. It often takes a few weeks to even see a slight adjustment in your body before you begin to see a consistent change occurring. Your body needs time to adjust to the nutritional and physical exertion changes happening.

Bottom line. START NOW!!!!!!!! If you live in CT near Farmington or Southington, you are welcome to join one of my Best Body Boot Camp classes. Or if you live in the central CT area, I can come to you for in-home training. If you are far away from me, I also design programs for people to do on their own and work as a virtual coach.

OR find something that works for you in your area or your own home. But stop “starting tomorrow.”


About janabnana

MS in Exercise Science. Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor.
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