Oh man – I can’t believe that cookie held you at gunpoint  and forced itself inside your mouth against your will.

Sound ridiculous? I agree but I hear all kinds of excuses. Most often I hear “I can’t stop eating _______ (insert your vice).” Uh, yes you can. You can just not eat it. Don’t bring it in the house. Don’t tempt yourself. Give yourself a little credit. You have the will power if you choose to use it.

I am not saying that it is easy to break habits. But you need to realize that you are simply falling into habits and not a slave to the cookie. You CAN create new, healthier habits. It takes a little time and a lot of will.  Come on, you’ve got this!

When you hear yourself giving excuses, break it down and listen to yourself. You are stronger than the cookie.

Be Well.


About janabnana

MS in Exercise Science. Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor.
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