Finally, bye bye Pyramid!

I’ve never been a fan of the food pyramid. It was confusing to people and where does your eye go? Straight to the top. And what’s at the top? The stuff we are supposed to eat the least amount of. Well hold onto your love handlesThere’s a new plate in town. This makes me sooooo happy because it is much easier to understand. It actually gives you a visual on portions so you can compare the food on your plate to this one and see how you measure up.

Though I am not a fan of low fat or fat free things because that usually means more chemicals, please remember that dairy is an exception. You should choose low fat or fat free dairy products. These are not ladened with chemicals, just less sugar and fat. You can view the plate better on their website:

Be Well.





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1 Response to Finally, bye bye Pyramid!

  1. Chris Ringuette says:

    This is incredible! So happy too that someone finally figured out the pyramid was only another stressful thing to try to maintain!

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