100 Reps a Day Challenge Day 12! Plus a Bonus Challenge!!

Are you going to take the 300 rep bonus challenge today?Today I am giving you a bonus challenge. 3 exercises. 100 reps each. The 300 rep challenge!

You can choose one of the following exercises or do all 3 for the bonus challenge.

Mountain Climbers, Windmills and Alpine Climbers


Please view the video to see how to preform these exercises. You can modify them by slowing your pace, just tapping your toe without jumping for the climbs, placing your hands on an elevated surface, bending your knees for the windmill, etc.

Regardless if you choose to do just one exercise for 100 reps or do all 300 reps, feel free to spread them out throughout the day.

Live Well.



About janabnana

MS in Exercise Science. Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor.
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