Daily May Challenge

7 minute challenge!watch exerciseNot going to happen, so here is a 7 minute challenge.

Do each exercise as many times as you can for the prescribed time:

30 sec: Jumping Jacks

1 minute: walking lunges (lunge across the room)



30 seconds: skaters

1 minute: biceps curls and plié  squats

plie-squat with biceps curl

plie-squat with biceps curl

30 seconds: squat thrusts or jump side to side.

1 minute: Reverse Crunches

30 Seconds: Jumping Jacks

30 Seconds Skaters.  30 Seconds: Squat Thrusts

1 minute plank.

Live Well.



Squat thrusts

Squat thrusts


About janabnana

MS in Exercise Science. Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor.
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