Sitting is the new Smoking… A MUST WATCH VIDEO if you have ANY BACK PAIN

Back-PainYour back hurts and you just blow it off to getting older. Well not so, my friend. How you sit, how you move throughout your day is very harmful to your body but there are things you can do to prevent and correct this. 

There has been much research published on how awful long periods of sitting is for you so I am not going to rehash all of that. I am here to provide you with info on how to HELP you. 

I could not possibly do a better job than Back Pain Specialist, McKenzie Therapist Dr. Yoav Suprun. 

Below is a link to a must watch video that explains some common back pain, causes and how you may determine what movements will help you move correctly. I HIGHLY recommend watching the entire things as he answers some questions that you may have regarding certain exercises and certain types of exercises regarding the type of pain you are in. 

He also discusses whether to use heat or cold and explains how you may benefit from using a lumbar roll when you sit (even in the car). Here is a link to amazon where you can check out his recommended standard roll

PLEASE watch this video. He very clearly addresses many of the issues I hear from all of you.

Live Well.


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